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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Love Hate Relationship

so i got a new phone.. haven't totally decide whether i like it or not.. the battery to my bb went wonka on me.. i had to charge it about 5 times a day and i'm not exaggerating.. that's kinda too much even for a smartphone right.. so i've been contemplating about getting a new phone for quite some time.. i also thought about getting a new battery instead but that left me no excuse of getting a new phone hehehe and finally, after our yearly bonus (weehooo) i bought an S3.. it's red and i love the colour  =b  a touchscreen phone wasn't really what i was looking for.. but then most new phones are touchscreen, even the new bb z10 huhuhuh why i hate touch screen? cuz of all the typos i make huhuh and i can't type with one hand, or while driving (oops) or while on the train standing.. i'm kinda getting used to it but it might take me more time to master it hehehe i like that i can screenshot though.. and the pics are clearer although i rarely take pic..

on another note.. i do miss my bb sometime.. i miss the sound of an incoming bbm.. i miss typing on it and switching off my alarm in the morning without even having to look at it.. i still charge my bb sometimes hehehe just to see how it's doing.. i can still tweet on it at home cuz of my wifi so it can still be used.. yeahh in other word, i still stalk my ex-hp hahahahaha