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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Serai @ Paradigm Mall

xpayah la nak review this place sgt kan... kinda well known already plus eating for 3 pax, don't have that much pics to share anyway... but a few weeks ago, mama, yaya and i decided to have lunch outside.. susah sgt nk fikir a place to eat even though we kept telling ourselves to make a list of places to eat.. we didn't want to go very far, so decided to go to Paradigm Mall.. my first time there... aduhh boleh sesat la plak skejap kat dlm tu sbb xjumpe Serai.. apparently it was at the opposite building.. bagus la tu kan.. we almost gave up but then there was no other place tempting enough to go.. again, malas nk tulis panjang2, but this is what we had..

i had the Serai Platter.. so fulling and definitely not #Shaytober material.. luckily i haven't started then hehehehe

yaya had this chicken pramagiana...

mama had cantonese fried kuey teow i think (xingat sgt, tp sedap gak)

then all 3 of us drool over this kid dish, spaghetti chicken mushroom... sedap gler yummmm

for dessert, pavlova la since this is kinda like it's signature desert... mmg sedap cuz it's not too sweet so blh mkn byk... i think so far, Alexis n Serai has the best pavlova... Alexis win on the amount of toppings heheheh

after this, gonna have a desert session with yaya hehehe ngidam la plak... if i list down all the things sy ngidam nk mkn skrang, i'm not sure how long it'll take hehehe  anyway, till next time.. bye...