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Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa

Ok, so this post will be short cuz basically, i'm not really in the mood to write hehehe Last saturday was my dad's birthday.. he's 62 years old and insyaAllah panjang umur.. so naturally, we celebrate by eating out.. we're currently in the process of renovating our kitchen and since there were workers at the house, we had to wait till their done.. so we decided to have dinner to celebrate.. had some things to do that morning then went to klcc for brunch.. since it's #Shaytober, i had 'salad' for brunch.. i'm loving the salad bar that isetan supermarket have.. although the ones i had that day, had some cheese in it so not really 100% healthy hehehe

 this is broccoli mixed with mac and cheese.. super yummy 

 sautéed vegies.. yummmm

and since i'm doing "no sugar' on weekdays, i kinda treated myself to a mini milkshake =b

after that we got home and rest.. then we got ready for dinner.. our place of choice? Here i.e. Cupcake Chapters at Ukay Boulevard.. Papa didn't join us the last time we were there.. and since the food wasn't bad, we decided to take him there.. the place was kinda empty the moment we arrived, but got full soon.. not much to cite2 here, we just ate and sembang.. normal family dinner.. i had the same thing i did the last time we were there.. sedap oooo mashed potato tu pon sedap gak.. just kurang vegie je utk side dish die.. and also bummer mushroom soup habis *sob sob*.. anyway just some pics to share to add on from my previous review..

i forgot what this was called.. but yaya and izad had something similar..

 this is the giant burger papa had.. doesn't look big but the patty itself was thick...

mama had this lamb chop..

we shared this desert since everyone was full.. too sweet for my liking..

the birthday boy.. Happy Birthday Papa.. we love u so much

apparently i was too hungry to snap a pic of my own food, but i had the same thing i did the last time we came.. don't remember the total for that day, but what i remember was the down point to this place.. cash only huhuhu imagine the horror on my face when i found out about it and had no cash on me.. terpaksa buat muke xmalu kat mama, pinjam duit sket.. luckily though yaya had some.. so Cupcake Chapters, pls get one of those swipe2 thing for credit cards.. even though the place is not pricey, not everyone have enough cash on them to pay the bill huhuhhu that is all...