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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cupcake Chapter @ Ukay Boulevard

Last week, papa went to PD for 3 days so we decided to eat out on the 2nd night.. mama heard about this place from her friend, Cupcake Chapter kat Ukay Boulevard (name nak grand aje).. i like the place, quiet and service pon ok.. only dorg x serve appetizer dlu baru main course, tu kecamuk sket tp boleh dimaafkan hehehe sumer lapar xsedar diri sgt, org ade 4 je tp order food smp 7 hehehe 5 main course, 2 appetizers...the decoration of the place pon cantek gak.. ade teddy bear besar yg rs cm nk bawak balik jer.. anyway, short entry, just enjoy the pics k hehehe

the menu

the big bear greeting us

for appetizers, we ordered Chunky Wild Mushroom Soup.. sedap gak but ade black pepper.. tergigit huhuhuh 
RM 13.50

we also had Crispy Tortilla Chapters Style.. cheese dip ni sedap gler, tp kitorg xhabis so tapau.. 
RM 19.90

I ordered Honey and Lemon Herbed Chicken.. sedap sgt.. mashed potato die pon sedap gak.. recommended hehehe
RM 19.90

yaya had Three Mushroom Pennoni Alfredo... ni pon sedap gak.. dah 2 kali yaya order pasta yg tibe2 sedap terlebih sket.. hari tu mkn kt The Gardens pon yaya order sedap  =b mama pon sker ni.. sian yaya since hers smp 1st, ramai org cilok food die hehehhe 
RM 19.90

mama just ordered the Boston Fish and Chips... i like that the batter x thick sgt so rasa ikan and not just tepung je hehehe  x habis seketul, so tapau =b
RM 18.90

izad plak tamak.. order smp 2 main course =b alasan? kalau xhabis, blh tapau utk lunch esok.. ngeng hahahah so 1st she had the Macaroni and Cheese.. sedap but die sedih sket cheese ni x oren cm kt Kenny Rogers..
RM 19.90

and she also ordered Cajun Fried Chicken Wings.. the only thing i didn't taste that night sbb dh kenyang.. but according to izad, cajun chicken kt OU dlu2 tu lg sedap.. ni pon x habis gak so tapau..
RM 19.90

the table was full with our food and drinks.. we didn't have dessert cuz we were so full... they had a bunch of cupcakes (hence, the name of the place) and some cakes as well.. with all the food and drinks that we had, the total damage was RM 163.70, but totally worth it.. will definitely go again with papa (sure sumer dpt habis if papa join skali) and recommended too..