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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I was born for Broadway, baby

I hate being in the center of attention... i'm ok if it's with my family or closest friends . but not really for others... yes, i'm that bias.. 2 good gestures this year but both made me feel like a horrible person for not appreciating it.. benci k.. no means no but i guess some ppl don't get the hint.. *sigh*

anyway, on another note, how does a loner spend her birthday? nothing different than other day, cuz really, there's nothing special about it.. i'll be 27 for 365 days, no biggie la... but i did however used it as an excuse to pamper myself.. what did i do? i went to watch hairspray Musical Live!!! woot woot!!!! although my bday is in Oct, but i had an early bday present for myself and went to watch the show in Sept..

ticket for one please  =b

yes, as a loner i went and watched the show alone.. i asked the obvious if they wanna go see but they all decline.. the next obvious person to ask was Mohsin but i was kinda broke so after giving it some thought (and although i have a strong feeling that he won't mind paying it himself), i decided to have some me time.. it did felt a little awkward but that awkwardness disappeared once the show started..

i didn't get much pics cuz it was kinda hard to... how was the show? superbly awesome!! it would've been more perfect if i got seats that were closer to the stage, but then those tickets cost a fortune.. i love all the songs and enjoyed every second of it, except the part when Link Larkin sang.. Zac Efron sounded much more lovely than he did.. Penny's one liners were laughable even with having the same script as the movie.. the woman who was Amber's mom was amazing, her vocals just hit it there.. i'm no vocalist expert but i dare to say that she was pitch perfect...

thinking about it just makes me want to do broadway.. i love singing and dancing and theater actors don't usually get the fame that comes along with movie star.. just my cup of tea.. i remember seeing Starlight Express as a young kid way back in London, and i definitely fell in love with it.. i remember thinking how awesome it was for them to actually race in the theater hall on their rolling blade.. if ever they were to have a show here, i'd definitely go again.. i'd go alone too if i had to... Grease on the other hand was a little downer experience.. the whole family went but we sat at the upper tier so sound system and effect wise was very minimum... would love to go to another show if they'd have one again.. 

Alas, what i can do now is just day dream about it cuz let's face it, being a broadway star is something i definitely won't be hehehehe till next time.. bye...