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Monday, November 04, 2013

The End of Shaytober

So how do i fare? well, this is one is kinda hard to judge.. for one, i didn't workout as much as i had hoped for (duhhh) but then on the other hand, i did take the stairs to work from 1st floor to the 26th for 3 days.. and with each time, i did make some progress.. not sure whether it's the water or what tho.. i did once or twice took it from the 14th floor so it's like half way only.. other than that, nada, no workout for me.. but then consumption wise, i did manage to be aware of the food that i take.. no sugar day for me although i did have my cheat days and towards the end, i didn't do so good (boo hoo).. thanks to no kitchen, we ate lots and lots of salads.. started with a sorta obsession with ceaser salad, and then thousand island cuz it'll always be my all time favorite dressing..

i didn't write out my goals here but overall, i didn't complete them all (i did one though).. but the progress i did to achieve them was better as compared to previous attempts.. i wanted to better myself physically and spiritually and i think i'm taking the right steps towards them.. so now i just have to keep the momentum going.. tomorrow is awal muharram, and it's always more motivating to start fresh on a new year, so that's what i'm going to do.. goals will be carried forward with perhaps minor changes.. shay wanted to call it Brovember but i don't like the name so we're naming it Shayvember or Shavember? hahaha ok xdelah cantek mane...

so lets do this again? weehoooo

p/s: one of my best friend just had a baby... congratulations and alhamdulillah for having a safe delivery and a healthy baby.. be warned, i might spoil her  =b  next is jue's turn.. praying for the best  *hugs*