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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ring the Bell

today was productive.. any guess why? well, for start, i got my first deal in.. woot!! it was my 2nd week at Marcus Evans and my 4th day on d floor.. quite an accomplishment i must say.. so on top of my half paycheck n d 10% commission, i got another 250 as d 1st person to close a deal which was an intensive promised to us.. so double woot for payday =D i havn't been posting anything lately, esp about my new job.. thins is, i'm tied up with work, what with all the lead research i'm supposed to be doing but lacking.. i can't concentrate on one thing for even an hour without being distracted.. TV too near? probably.. so how about a new laptop.. hopefully by end of this year i could afford one.. keeping my fingers crossed for another deal dis week.. not many of us who came for training d other day stayed.. newbies will come soon, i think it's diz friday.. so i really wish my other mates get a deal by then too.. of course it's flattering n overwhelming to be among the 1st, but it's kinda awkward too.. lets all be bigheads together hahaha

since i'm just taking up d time to post an update, i might as well give a quickie about my job.. so basically i'm in a brand bew division in asia pacific which is d professional training division.. we sell trainings (duh!) n currently have 2 topics.. at the moment, my team needs to focus on the thailand market as our target n later on will switch to malaysia.. so whut i do is actually calling up companies to offer the trainings to them.. this job has it's highs n lows.. it sux big time when no one picks up d phone or u're on hold like forever.. but then there are times when d person on d other line is helpful n patient... so after giving them a call n doing a full pitch, we need to drop them an email along with our program n arrange a call back time.. Karen helped me with d callbacks which basically is to get d decision on their part.. n if it's a yes, they'll register n pay everything.. once the fax is in, dat means u got a deal n at Marcus Evans, we ring the bell!!

so yeah, i got to ring my 1st bell!! thus d title.. i'm tired.. it's actually 15th september today.. i noe this is a delayed post.. i just can't find d time to properly update this.. on dat note, i'll c ya soon... happy hari raya..


ruffey said...

wowww. aku tak dapat bayangkan aku berada di posisi kau. obviously selling and buying (not buying kot?) is not my arena. hehe

good use of the blog, tp ko set private kan?

len kali ko puji2 sikit company kau, kat fb ke, kat blog ke, sapa tau ada org besar dr company ko terbaca, terus senang hati, tambah ska kat kau. hehe (tactic tuh)