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Saturday, August 29, 2009


i guess i should elaborate more about this week.. well, i just got my first job so i think it's sumthing to brag about hahah no one reads this blog anyway.. lets take this one step at a time.. i kinda fast forward things in my previous post cuz my dad was tapping his feet away (ok, he wasn't).. so..

i finally decided to dedicate this day to start job hunting.. i finished my final exam on 9th june, which means i already had 2months of break which should be more than enuff.. off course there was the thing wif my grand ma n all but it didn't took up most of my time.. so yeah, i logged on to job street while chatting wif jue, n filled out my resume click click n we're done.. i gave her my username and password so she helped me applied for jobs too, hence the gratitude i owe her muahaha so yeah, that's where it all began..

when jobless, we usually sleep late right? i mean that's the point of being free, no alarm to wake us up for the day cuz of the responsibilities we have (except for early breakfast la since it's ramadhan) so it was about 10am when i got a phone call.. i was asleep but i made the most cheerfull voice ever to cover it up.. besides, it was an anonymous number.. it was a woman on the other line, Karen Chan, saying that she received my resume from jobstreet.. she gave a quick intro bout Marcus Evans n also the job that she was about to offer.. then later she told me to check my email after our conversation for more info which include the company's website n more info bout the professional training that i was supposed to sell if i do want job.. i was ecstatic that i literally told anyone who meant anything to me hehehe so i called her back at 3:15pm as she told me to, to let her noe i was interested bout d job n set up an interview which was on the next morning..

i woke up super early cuz the interview was at 9am n i should be there by 8:45 cuz there were forms i need to fill in.. so by 7:30, i was outta the house.. my dad sent me to tmn bahagia's lrt station n i stopped at kl sentral to take the monorail n stopped at bkt bintang, then i had to walk to the central plaza building which took 5minutes top.. i got there around 8:30 so i had to wait at d reception area.. a guy working there gave me a few tips before the interview.. basically it was to show how determine i was to get the job, confidence and a positive attitude.. then Karen came out, n after i finished filling up d form, we proceeded to the meeting room where it all happened.. she explained in detail how the job should be done n asked questions like "why should we choose u over the other candidates" "whut would u say are ur strengths" "could u picture yourself working here in the long run" "this job, although not often, requires u to face rejection, so whut will you do if after 3weeks, u couldn't get anyone to agree to join our training" and so on.. these r the main things she asked that i could remember.. i think the fact that i was excited to attend a job interview helped me alot wif answering the questions.. i tried not to be fake so much heheh so i tried to be realistic wif my answers.. so it took about one and a half hour for it to go down.. i reached home n felt pretty good about myself.. haa

thursday already? i set my alarm at 8:25am cuz i need to call her back between 8:30 till 9am to find out whether i got the job or not.. n as we all noe now, i got it!! yeay for me right hahaha

so i'll be starting next tuesday, i hope it all goes well.. i'll be given some training before i start.. i need to get 3 delegate in a month block in order to finish my probation.. i noe i havn't started working yet but i kinda feel good about this job.. hey, gotta be optimistic right? however, i dun think my parents see me doing this as a career.. my mum kept saying, "xpela keje ni dlu, sementara tu cr keje laen" whut if i dun want to? off course i'll see how i am at being a sales exec, but i think it's sumthing i can cope wif.. so wish me luck ppl *wink*


ruffey said...

congratulation! get job already? that's fast =D happy for yoU!

Corrina said...

YEAH....i love ur new job