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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Open to public

so this blog is open back to public... havn't been updating for awhile.. last time i really wrote about whut was happening was in april after my tok cik's death.. it's august now.. in the next 5 days, i'll be having my convocation.. i finally finished college n will be getting my degree soon.. woot!! kinda excited for the day but then i fear the days after.. gotta start straighten up stuff wif my resume n all n start job hunting.. yikes.. owh well, that's life aight, u gotta go thru phases..

back in june, my grandma on my dad's side was admitted to the hospital for a minor surgery, but for her age (she's about 83 years old) it's considered a major surgery.. it had sumthing to do with her nerves n it was causing her pain so she had it checked.. on top of dat, she has an ulcer in her stomach.. she was there for about a week n room was packed constantly, since we're a big family.. so i had fun bonding wif her.. my sisters weren't close to our grandma on my dad's side as close we were with our grandma on my mum's side.. mostly cuz on my mum's side, there's only the 6 of us as grandchildren while on my dad's, we had 60+ cuzins.. so after spending time wif her, sleeping over at the hospital, we felt closer, which i think is very important.. she's doing well now, recovering.. although she seems weaker now.. less gardening since she can't walk so far..

july is another story.. i went to australia which is kinda awesome.. but i think i'll leave that for another post.. this seems long enuff.. besides, i gotta get ready.. currently in ukm at my sister's place.. juz hanging out =b



ruffey said...

gewd to know =D