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Friday, March 15, 2013

Have a Kit Kat

let's take a break from the ups and downs of work life by stating that there might be a Treasure Hunt again this April!! weeehooo yes, i received some bad news and yes i was frustrated.. yes i had to suddenly stayback n finish up this procedures (boo hoo) but at least i can rejoice, knowing that my uncle's treasure hunt event is around the corner.. i joined last year's event and it was super fun.. if there can be 5 ppl in a team n izad is free, hopefully she can join us this time.. fun wehh, sker sgt2.. hopefully with the experience i have (hahahah br 2 kali join), we can perform better.. lets be champions!! hehehe ok, emailing some work, berangan buat time weekend  =b

koboi kampuit team!!! (it's so random, i don't even know what that is hahaha)