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Friday, January 11, 2013

My To-Do List for This Weekend

So i've got about 4 things in mind that i'd like to do for this weekend and hopefully succeed in doing...

- clean out my closet.. need to put away all clothes that i don't wear anymore (or can't fit huhuhuh)
- finish reading that book (so i can move on and read something else)
- 30 mins of zumba (hahahaha try je)
- Amanda's 290 challange (let's try this again hehehehe)

so yeah, that's my plan for the weekend... on top of that, will go for dinner to celebrate yaya n mama's birthday woot woot... then in connection to that, have to do some little shopping for "christmas stocking" stuff hehehehe orange dh ade dh  =b  that is all.. bye