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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gobo Chit Chat, Traders Hotel

*** This post was originally written on 4 Nov 2012 ***

So for this years' 5 in 1 birthday celebration, we decided to try out Traders Hotel, near KLCC.. so far, we've had this 'tradition' of ours at Ole-Ole Bali and Le Meridien Hotel.. (click it to read and drool) n seems like we're trying to top off the previous place we eat.. so yeah, we decided to go to Traders since it's in the heart of KL (poyo).. unfortunately, mama wasn't feeling well that day since she just got back from Indonesia huhuhuh we didn't take much pics, cuz the lighting wasn't good for pics.. 

before makan, harus camwhoring dlm ladies hehehehe p/s: spot the skull

 our fellow New Yorkers xde food sgt, so she had bbq lamb and prawn...

 and by the look of it, i think this is hers too...

 not sure if this was mine or yaya.. dim sum, satay, mixed vegie, sea asparagus and chocolate tart..

this is what i had, off course plenty of dim sum yummyy..... clam and mussels, some mee, sea asparagus and salmon...

Oysters and salmons.. yaya had these.. i tried oyster once, didn't like it.. loved the salmon tho..

we didn't have much deserts.. we shared these.. owh, they had a chocolate fountain like le meridien too...

yaya had these yummy cookies & chocolate pie? (dunnoe what it's called)

lps makan pon harus cam whoring dlm ladies hahahahaha

so yeah, not much pics to share.. basically they had the cold food area, where the salads were + shrimp, salmon etc.. then they had like a sandwich area and also a Japanese food area where they had sushi and miso soup... then they had the bbq area which is near the rice and all the lauk2 heheeheh and also an area dedicated for desserts.. i didn't take pics of the food bar so it's kinda hard to explain what they have, but overall it's a good place to eat and satisfying for my taste..

i like the ambiance at Traders more, since there were less people and it felt more cozy.. the lighting was low which made me feel like no one is watching us while we're eating.. bright places tend to give the impression that i have to be extra well mannered hahahaha anyway, i can't remember the total damage for it all but i'm pretty sure the buffet cost about RM80++ per head.. so not so bad for me.. what's sure is that it's slightly cheaper than Le Meridien, plus better parking.. so yeah, so if u have some extra ka-ching to spare, u could try this place out...