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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant @ TTDI

*** i wrote this on 26 Dec 2012 ***

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 30th Anniversary as a married couple.. we decided to try out this Japanese restaurant at our area which opened somewhere this year, so it was quite new.. izad doesn't really eat Japanese food but when we browsed their menu sometime ago, they serve western food as well, so we thought izad could have that.. sadly last night, the western menu was unavailable so that was a bummer for her.. sorry izad!! our usual Japanese food place Chikuyotei, previously at Istana Hotel is nowhere to be found, and previously izad just share some of our food..  papa would have his sukiyaki and we'll just have tempura.. i thought of trying something different.. so this is what we had last night...

i didn't blog about this, but yaya and i had this sushi craze going on this month where we went for Sushi King 3 times!!! just December alone.. our favorite was the edamame which is a green peas like vegie.. we had the same thing last night, and ordered two helpings...

papa ordered his sukiyaki.. i didn't manage to taste some but according to him, he would prefer the one at Chikuyotei... i like the fire heating the pot thing.. unfortunately, by the time they gave papa the egg, papa only managed to cook it for less than 2 mins before the fire went off boohoo..

mama had tempura.. a variety of tempura... she didn't order the set, but order their Japanese rice to go along with it.. off course she shared this with papa too.. she had the Ebi Tempura (prawn) and Yasa Tempura (mix vegie one).. she also ordered miso soup (yummy)

yaya had this spicy ramen.. i had some and it tasted like mee rebus to me hehehe it was ok, but not the kind of thing we'll order again (next time nk sushi je)

i took a long time browsing through the menu.. i ordered the Ebi Tempura Maki (prawn sushi) for us to share.. then i thought of having a meal to myself but couldn't figure out what to have.. so i ordered the Shake Maki (salmon sushi) for us to share.. i figured, just eat that and see how thing goes... i love the Ebi Tempura Maki.. if we were to go there another round, i will surely order that again..

papa and mama also ordered the steamed tofu which we all shared.. it was nice..

we didn't take much pics that day... got a pic of my drink, and err my sisters... yes, no pic of my parents even though we were celebrating their anniversary.. i asked izad to take a pic, n she forgot.. ngeng la hahahaha

so since no western food available that day, izad didn't order anything.. i thought of ordering the chicken teriyaki for her but wasn't sure if she'll eat it... she had McD after that  =b so total damage for all the food above plus 3 watermelon juice, Japanese tea and cold water is RM184.47.. i'd rate that place 7/10.. it wasn't superb, but yet i haven't tried most thing on the menu.. the sushi were good n yummy.. might have to try more sushi to give a better rate.. keeping my options open to go again, not like Meat Point =b tu skali je pon xpe hehehehe


Unknown said...

Sad to say this place is not generous or giving the fair amount of food. RM8.80 Soft shell crab nani maki but when we open the roll its only a small piece not even a bite! So cheap, bought the same at Sking or Sakae or normal stall at 1u is much mouthful. Bad place to be, as a sushi enthusiast this place is Big No NO No!!