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Friday, August 12, 2011

Pretty Darn Precious What It Is...

Kaitelette and ShayCarl's got the cutest kids,
They'd be up on YouTube making all the vids,
And if u don't know, im'ma tell u like this (like this).

Sontard, got all the girls on him, Got him wondering how'd he get so handsome,
Alright now, Babytard, she got that babygirl swag, she could get a little crazy just like her dad,
Rocktard, i see u're starting to walk, hit that stanky leg then u hit the drop,
Princesstard, where u at girlfriend, back hand spring it's a perfect ten (uh, yeah)

U know they PD effin' P,
two years down now they're on to three,
we're waiting for a video so let it be clear,
hey, he's vlogging here.

we ain't stalkers, we're followers  =b

one of the cutest family around... i love watching their vlogs, just to see what they're up to.. in fact my sisters love watching them too.. one of the top youtubers there is, currently already reached 1million subscribers (can't imagine how Ryan Higa n Ray William Johnson got to 4million, that's insane).. do u guys think it's weird, us tuning into you tube, just to see what they're up to.. this is what they're suppose to call Reality Show, cuz it's really just that.. of course they'll try to re-enact some incidents that they think is funny but didn't manage to get it on camrea, but the rest are pretty mcuh as real as it's gonna get.. i think having cute kids especially watching Princesstard n Babytard makes it more enjoyable..

that's one of the intro song to their videos.. they have some and that's one of my fave.. check them out here... u just might get addicted too...