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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's Make This Fun

how much fun? not quite sure... i guess it is a norm fact that this blog ain't that good.. i mean it's good for me cuz i can write anything i want, but it ain't good reading for others.. cuz it's all about me, me and more me with me blabbering n me ranting.. so peeps reading will be like "god, this girl is obnoxious and so full or herself".. hahahaha cuz i am, i won't deny it.. but just for pete's sake, i wanna tweak things up a little... i guess taking lessons or ques from vloggers, i think imma have a theme or some sort.. not a blog as a whole cuz i think that keeps changing.. i used to be so dark, with my dark thoughts, but i've been writing from a different angle so might let that be for a while... i'm thinking more between the lines of themes for days or dates..

for starters, i think i'll have quote days, where i quote something (either from random conversation, things i read, known or unknown) every Thursday.. so every week i'll have a quote that i think makes sense to me the most or caught my attention the most for that week... then maybe movie reviews every 20th of the month (tho i'm not sure how often i watch movies).. or maybe i'll combine it with books reviews... so yeah, movie or books review every 20th of the month... that's all i could think of right now.. maybe i'll toss in something best pics of the month or story of the month... i don't know.. we'll see.. i'm not even sure if this plan falls through but i'll try my best...

what's good to read?