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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiring Weekend

one week down, another week to go till we celebrate raya.. gees, time does fly by fast... so did a lot of chores over the weekend ( a lot meh?)  folded the clean laundries n my sisters did the kitchen.. then went out with mum n big sis to shah alam to shop for our tudung raya... didn't hang there a lot, cuz it was too crowded n i literally can barely breathe.. got what we wanted, waited till the rain cooled down then went home.. we had sup tulang, super yummy, but unfortunately, i cooked less rice so it was just enough for us..

on sunday was more tiring.. woke up to the sound of an incoming text from my mum, asking us to get up n get ready for a ceramah at the mosque.. sad thing that happened, was it was the 1st time i ever heard an ustaz saying that this would be the last time he'll accept an invitation to the mosque due to the amount of ppl turning up was too small for a place in kl, and also he was slightly offended by the ppl talking behind while he was giving his ceramah in front.. talk about respect, i always hated those ppl who constantly talk at the back, disrespecting not just others who are trying to hear, but also the ustaz himself.. if u ani't gon' listen, then don't come.. anyway, moving on.. we planned to buy a new bed n wardrobe ever since a few months ago.. n we kept delaying it, so we (or rather my lil sis) decided that we had to buy them now or we won't be buying it ever...

so we went to IKEA in our baju kurung (i feel like Orked) and it was packed (well what do u expect right)  picked out our bed and wardrobe which, by the way, is humongous.. so they will be delivering it this wednesday which gives us sometime to clean our rooms (again).. so got back n almost immediately started to disband our old beds and cleaned up the room.. so one room is almost done.. we just need to tear out the old wardrobe which we havn't really figure out how to do.. thought of asking the delivery guys, but they might be occupied with other deliveries.. anyway, we'll just see how things goes. excited to get our new bed and wardrobe  weehoo 

had Canadian Pizza for our break fast.. left the house aroun 6:40 to buy the pizzas and also my dad's roti nan.. made it home just in time with about 5 mins to spare before the azan.. ordered the wrong chickn but it was still super yummy.. so might just buy garlic bread n chicken next time.. i think the pizza can hold...

then that night, skipped terawih and watched The Voice, which was an amazing show (not just cuz Xtina was in it hehehe) the concept itself is great where ppl are judged by their vocal wholely.. there's no such thing as "u have the complete package", it's just vocals, vocals, and more vocals.. off course after this blind auditions, the other aspect counts.. but for starters, the voice is what matters the most (eceh, poyo plak).. i know the show have already ended in the US, but i'm still rooting for team Xtina hehehe

anyway, a week to go till raya... we'll see how that goes..hopefully i won't gain too much weight from eating.. *sigh* every year a new measurement  =b  looking forward to hang out with the kazens..

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