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Friday, August 26, 2011

In Arsene We Trust

but do we?? i've started watching football since about 10 years ago.. back then,  the big four still exist and Arsenal was dubbed as The Invincible.. back then, we had the likes of Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Patrick Viera, Sol Campbell, Ljungberg, Ashley Cole (traitor + cheater), and off course, my all time favourite goalie, Jens Lehman (besides Oliver Kahn).. so ever since then, i've always been a gooner..

not sure whether it was a good move for me cuz they were at their peak, and things just started to go downhill then.. no trophy for 6 seasons, lack of experienced players in the club, players running away n not attracting new ones.. Arsenal have now been on the front cover of the sports page for all the wrong reasons.. critics have been saying how deep in denial Wenger is and most fans (or at least i do) think it's true.. yes, playing football, good football should be the main priority here, so techniques and strategy should all come together.. but for a club who was fierce and competitive, Arsenal now seems like a big joke..

latest i heard, they've been linked to Sneijder from Inter.. hopes this one comes true (although MU are also aiming him), cuz that could be a great addition to the now slumpy club...owh well, we'll see how this season unfolds...

match against MU this weekend, any chance of winning?  *snickers*