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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In A Perfect World - Part 2

That day they saw a blue car drove into the orphanage compound.. the couple who got out of the car looked sophisticated.. Mya learned that word from Ms Fisher.. from the way they dressed, Mya knew that they were rich.. the couple was greeted by the head of the orphanage, Mrs Stewart, and she brought them into her office.. as always, the kids would gather near the door and try to hear their conversations.. sometimes they would get tips on what kind of kid they want or would prefer.. then, the kids would make sure that they fit those requirements.. that's how Abby got adopted.. the kids overhear the Johnsons mention that they would like someone talented, who could maybe sing or dance.. once the Johnsons stepped out of the office to look around, Abby started singing and dancing in the hall.. maybe it helped that she had a sweet voice.. the Johnsons then decided to take her in and Abby left the next morning...

Abby had her happy ending but some kids there aren't as lucky as Abby.. some were adopted, but then sent back to the orphanage a few months later.. that's what happened to Quinn.. she was adopted by the Butlers last year.. and as always, even when the kids envy them, they were happy that one of us will have the life they were praying for.. Quinn was a cheerful and smart girl.. but a few months after being adopted, Mya saw her getting out of th Butler's car looking very gloomy.. she told them that Mrs Butler finally got pregnant and would want to focus on raising their future son.. Quinn was never the same ever since.. she got skinnier and rarely play with us during recess.. the kids tried to cheer her up by throwing a party on her birthday... they even saved up some money to buy her a cake.. since birthday parties are so rare in the orphanage, Quinn was very delightful.. since then, she tried to be cheerful again, but Mya still sees her cry every now and then..

All these thoughts went on in Mya's head that she didn't even hear the footsteps walking towards the door.. all the other kids manage to scramble but she tripped just as the door was opening.. Mrs Stewart gave a her a stern look and asked her to get up immediately.. she got up and Mrs Stewart introduced her to the couple, Mr and Mrs Lavere.. Mrs Stewart then took the Lavere to tour the orphanage.. they introduced themselves to some of the kids and talked a little.. the Lavere were there about an hour before they left.. they were the talk of the day.. the kids have never seen such sophistication and style.. the kids played dressed up that night and talk about anticipating breakfast cuz they were very sure bacon will be served.. everyone went to bed with a smile on their face, including Mya..

The next day, true to their predictions, the kids had bacons and omelet and juice.. to their surprise, lunch was a special occasion too.. they had roast chicken with mashed potato, and even had ice cream for desserts.. special lunch and dinner was usually served during christmas and thanksgiving.. and sometimes in April, for Mrs Stewart's birthday.. at first Mya thought that it wasn't fair to be celebrating only Mrs Stewart's birthday, but then again, she wouldn't mind all the benefits that comes with it.. she once over heard Mrs Stewart talking on the phone explaining that they can't afford to celebrate each of our birthday or have it monthly, so she chose the easiet date just so the kids can have a little taste of happiness.. and sure enough, last April, instead of having a big cake, Mrs Stewart bought cupcakes for each kids and they had their own candle.. she said this is so everyone will get a chance to blow out the candle, and Mya liked the idea of it.. usually, the kid who behaved the most throughout the year will have that honour..

to be continued...