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Monday, August 01, 2011

First day of Fasting

Salam Ramadhan everyone.. today is the first day of fasting.. can't wait to get home... slacking a bit in the office altho i've got work to do (let me repeat that for pete's sake, i've got work to do.. yeah ppl, sorry to disappoint, but we dun go by 8hrs here without doing nothing at all.. we have something, regardless how small it is, to do here  =b )

yada yada... i dun't noe what to say... keeping in topic, i hope i could be a better person this Ramadhan, although i may not have done good so far yet.. anyway, went for Terawih last night.. was a lil hungry afterwards so we went to Jasema to buy some food.. saw a couple of ppl there.. *sigh* the memories.. how great were they then.. as always, i drifted apart, not that we were very close or anything.. well, close enough to have my phone taken away from me cuz we've been chatting on the phone way too often heheheh those were the days... we're grown up now, n that just remained as a fragment of our memories...

anyway, we'll be going to Selayang this weekend, then to PD the following weekend, then TTDI, and the following weekend, we'll be preparing for Raya... see how fast time goes by sometimes... super fast  =) i'm just gonna leave all the blabbering in another post... till then, hope u all have a blessful month..

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