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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning in Summer

well our bed and wardrobe arrived yesterday, n i felt sorry for not taking a leave n helped clean things.. it was such bad timing.. i though we would just have them delivered, and settle everything else over the weekend.. but boy was i wrong.. both rooms we're turned upside down n even the tv area is so messy...n now after coming back from work, we need to continue tiding things up after settling the food for break fast.. yeah i'm kinda making it a big deal than it is, but ii dun think my mind can fathom it.. so havn't been doing much cleaning at night.. i tend to get super sleepy at 11pm++.. n i mean super super sleepy.. i can barely keep my eyes open n yesterday, i think i kinda dozed off while trying out Sims Social on FB.. it doesn't rule compare to the original game, but it'll do...

so yeah, this weekend will be gearing up to clean the rest of the mess made, n also pumped out for the long weekend  weehoo.. just can't wait.. spaghetti and baked pasta is on the menu, n i noe it's kinda odd for raya, but can't wait to eat it.. off course the usual nasi impit, ketupat, rendang ayam and sambal ketupat will still be there.. those are a must.. but instead of having nasi lemak or mee rebus for the other menu, we're opting for this..

anyway, i'm trying to add labels in my post.. no that much tho, cuz i can't really categorised the posts i have.. i'm basically just blabbering n ranting a lot, sorta like what i'm doing now.. so putting labels on this kinda post, doesn't really narrow things down hehehe but i'm making labels for post that have poems, quotes, movie or food review etc.. just check the list on the left here.. it's somewhere there.. not that any of u would be needing it anyway  =b  i'm thinking of writing more stuff.. i can't write poems at the top of my head, but i'll try..i currently have My 1st Country Sound stuck in my head.. it's kinda like the 1st song i wrote cuz i had a melody to it.. who knows, i could be the next Taylor Swift (yeah right).. i'm also thinking of bringing Amethyst back on more often, cuz i think i'm losing touch of her.. her angst and despair, how i miss them so much.. but we'll just see.. i never follow through my plan  =b

let's get prepared for the holidays  weehoo