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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cesc Fabregas

i noe this is outdated and it's been days, but finally it's a done deal.. although everyone knew this will happend eventually, it's just a matter of time..

so Fabregas was playing under the Barcelona academy (not sure what's the real name of it) during his youth along with the likes of Lionel Messi n Gerard Pique... being the great midfielder that he is, he was bought by Arsene Wenger to play for Arsenal.. he bacame one of the youngest captain for Arsenal and been playing for the club about 8 years..

during the last 3 years there, he has been hinting about returning to his homeground and play for Barcelona.. and who doesn't wanna play for them.. they have the become one of the best team in this generation.. more than half the team who played for Spain during the recent World Cup (which they won) was playing for Barcelona, so they were favourites from the start.. so Barcelona have been making offer to Arsenal to buy back Fabregas.. being the key person of the club, where Wenger shaped the team based on Fabregas, he wasn't ready to let him go...

seasons passed and Arsenal hasn't won a trophy for 6 years already... that and watching barcelona excelling in almost all league definitely made his intention stronger.. he told Wenger about it while Barcelona also doing their part with their offer, but still, Wenger said no... imagine staying in a club that u like but it's not where u wanna be, n having ur coach denied ur desire.. eventually, Arsenal accepted Barcelona's offer and Fabregas was finally home where he feels like he belongs more..

Barcelona could have any player there is, but all they wanted was Fabregas.. so as Fabregas made his way to Nou camp wearing 4 on his jersey, reserved just for him, all other eyes watch him with envy cuz being in Barcelona is what every other player wanted too..

Fabregas has only been with Barcelona for one day and he already has a trophy.. now Arsenal will learn to play without Fabregas.. how bad will it be?