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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In A Perfect World - Part 3

The Lavere have become the hottest topic at the orphanage.. each kid was anxious to know when will they return or who will they adopt.. then, the day finally came when the Lavere visited the orphanage again.. as always, the kids were in their best behaviour even while the Lavere were in Mrs Stewart's office.. the kids heard Mrs Stewart opened her door and walked towards the hall... after the last incident, Mya didn't wait near the office to eavedrop.. instead, she played outside with some other girls while Jenna gets the updates.. Jenna is the 'reporter' of the orphanage.. she knows everything that's going on around..Mya heard her yelled alert before glancing behind.. Mrs Stewart walked up to Mya and asked her to follow her to her office.. this made Mya very nervous cuz she knew the Lavere were in there.. throughout living there, Mya was called to the office about 6 times already.. she counted.. but usually, she would be there with the couple and with some other kids.. only twice was she there alone, and all they did was talked.. Mya would get excited after meeting them n got ready to pack her bags, but no one came to her to tell her that she was being adopted.. Mya wasn't putting high hope this time around too.. she justt followed Mrs Stewart while the rest eyed her...

In the office, they had their usual conversation.. Mya talked about herself and the Lavere told her about their lives.. then Mrs Lavere asked Mya whether she's been to Australia or not and Mya shook her head.. Mrs Lavere then lay down a paper in front of Mya and told her that Ms Fisher gave it to her from her last visit.. Mya looked at the sheet and noticed that it was one of her paper she wrote about animals from different countries and how kangaroos and koalas could often be seen only in Australia.. Mya didn't really know whether these were true, she just read it in a book somewhere sometime ago.. then Mr Lavere asked Mya whether she wanted to go to Australia to see the kangaroos and koalas.. Mya said she loved to because she was tired of seeing birds and cats and mice, which were about the only animals there in the city.. a few minutes later, Mya left the office and she was quickly swarmed by the others.. they asked her questions about the Lavere and what they talked about.. Mya told them everything, well almost everything.. she left out the part where Mr Lavere asked her that question.. she thought of not letting the others too down or jealous even tho Mya knew that that wasn't a done deal.. that it was still uncertain whether she will be adopted or not, but she still had hope..
That night, Mya was more quiet than usual.. she felt uneasy somehow, something was bothering her mind... the other kids was playing dress up when there was a knock at the door.. it was Mrs Stewart and she wanted to have a talk with Mya.. she started to have butterflies in her stomach and her knees were shivering.. they reached the office and sat down quietly.. Mrs Stewart started by asking Mya’s opinion on the Lavere.. she told them how she fine them well dressed with nice sets of teeth.. Mrs Stewart than laughed a little and proceeded to the point.. she told Mya that the Lavere are not looking to fully adopt someone as they are not yet prepared.. Mr Lavere worked for a big company and his job was to look for kids to tag along with them on a corporate function that involve a lot of travelling.. she told Mya that they considered of taking Mya along but was not sure how Mya will feel if she knew she was not being adopted.. Mya said she would love to go on a trip with the Lavere so that she could write better stories.. Mrs Stewart then told Mya that she won’t be the only one going as a couple of other kids will be joining her too.. Mya didn’t mind since it’ll mean that she’ll have her frens with her along the way, although she did wonder why she was the only one being called.. she asked Mrs Stewart about it n she said that they wanted one of the kids to break the news to the others and by tripping in front of the doy made Mya the chosen one.. Mya left the office with a wide smile.. Mrs Stewart said that they’ll be following the Lavere next week although the names are yet to be finalized..

to be continued...