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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keyword Search

so i'm sure most of u (if not all) know this.. what words do u type in to search for stuff... sometimes i like to view my search keywords for this blog.. there are normal things ppl type in, but also very odd and random stuff... latest that i have on the list is kodiok tee which i'm not too sure what it is... bet hey, if that word brings u to me, then i'm fine with it...

i also like checking out what words Google Keyword Tool chooses from the type of word we type.. i guess it all started when Kevjumba made a video about it.. apparently, ppl kept googling for words like "is Kevjumba gay" and "is Kevjumba a virgin".. so with the power of the internet (muahahaha) and millions of subscribers in youtube, he asked ppl to type "is Kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler" and guess what, if you type "is" in google, that's the keyword suggested by google.. amazing right.. that's the power of youtuber for u hehehe the day Osama bin Laden was reported shot, the keyword changed to "is Osama bin Laden dead" and when some fans noticed this, they made Kevin #1 again... talk about coolness =b 

so, if u could choose a phrase that has ur name in it, and want ppl to google u based on that, what would it be?


CIK NANA said...

sobrina hani adh kawen ke belum.. that's the fact. takleh ke kol I jek tanya? kan senang?

amethyst said...

heheheh lg senang call dr google2.. terus dpt jawapan =b tp if nk gk maen google2, just type sobrina hani, kluar blog hani yg mmg terang2 mention dat hani is taken n not available =D