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Monday, August 15, 2011

Recipe Daging Black Pepper

it's what my sisters and i call it, but my mum says it's actually daging halia... since it's fasting month, all i can think of is food  =b  this will be a very sloppy recipe cuz i can't remember the exact amount.. basically it all depends on how much u want it to be n how much of each u eat (carrots, celery etc)

*** if u guys tried this out, lemme noe what u think k ***
Ingredients :-
Daging, preferably batang pinang (depends on how much u're cooking for)
Tepung ubi
Black pepper (yg serbuk)

This is among the easiest thing to cook.. first off, make sure u slice the meat thinly (not the usual size u'd cut to fry them), powder it with some flour (until all is fully covered) and some black pepper (depends on how much u like it).. fry the meat (not deep fry, just use a lil bit of oil), and put it aside once the meat starts to change colour (no redness left)..

then sliced the rest of the ingredients (ginger, onions, carrots and celery).. same thing, it all depends on how much u like carrots/celery.. usually the amount will be half the amount if meat u have.. slice the carrots and celery into smaller portion (carrots sliced thinly while celery will be about 1cm long give or take)..  fry the ginger, then toss in all the other ingredients i.e carrots, celery, onions and the meat.. don't forget to toss in some salt for the taste.. let it cook for a couple of minute (till the carrots and celery are cooked enough)... since the meat was fried earlier, u wouldn't have to wait long for the meat to cook (that's why it's important to slice the meat thinly)...

walla, u're done.. when it's all mixed together, there would be some suace/gravy from the meat n blackpepper.. yummyyy....  picture? don't have any yet, but might have one soon.. wanna cook this over the weekend  weehoo...

the pic after about 2 months posting this...