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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In A Perfect World - Part 1

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a little girl who lives in an orphanage.. her name is Amelia, but her frens call her Mya.. just like any other orphanage, Mya lives her life amongst those like her, longing to have a family.. of course, the orphanage itself was a family, but all she wanted to be was like those kids playing outside her window, with parents and a proper home..

Every morning, they would wake up together, make their beds, take a shower and proceed to the dining hall for their breakfast... they usually have bread and butter every morning with plain water.. only on special occasions will they have cereals and toast.. sometimes, when they're lucky, they will get bacons and omelet.. those lucky days are when some generous man comes and visit them n donate a lot of money to the orphanage.. Mya likes those days.. after breakfast, they will go to their designated class where they learn subjects like in a real school.. Mya's favourite subject is English and maths.. she likes learning new words and writing stories about princesses and people in other countries.. she usually uses her imagination since she haven't met a princess or anyone from another country.. so she has no clue what they are.. she only hears about them from stories told by Ms Fisher.. that's her English teacher and one of her favourite teacher there.. Ms Watson teaches maths, but Mya doesn't like her that much.. she gets angry easily when they make mistakes in class.. and because of that, Mya tried not to make any mistakes.. she like maths cuz she thinks it'll help her a lot once she gets rich and need to count all the money she have..

During recess, they would go out to the yard and play.. sometimes they play tag, sometimes they play hide and seek.. but Mya likes to play the skipping rope.. she would count the number of times she can jump and let the skipping rope pass down her feet.. she even now how to skip while crossing her arms.. sometimes Mya could jump so high that she feel she could touch the sky..  other than learning and playing, the kids there don't get much entertainment.. they take joy from watching couples come and go from the orphanage.. this happens averagely about twice a week.. when they do come, everyone will be on their best behaviour.. hair was comb neatly, dresses are clean with no dirt, and off course a wide smile upon their face.. each kids hoping that one day, someone will come and take them home.. Mya was hoping for the same thing..

to be continued...