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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In A Perfect World - Part 4

Days come and go and finally the day arrive for them to tag along the Lavere to Australia.. a total of 5 kids were chosen including Mya so she considered herself very lucky indeed..the previous day, everyone helped them packed.. they didn’t have a lot, so they took almost everything with them… Mya felt sorry for those who were left behind but Mrs Stewart assures them that this won’t be the last time a trip like this will happen so they will have their chance eventually… they woke up early that morning and waited for the Lavere.. a big van came instead of the usual blue car to fit them all.. they loaded their luggage to the van and hugged everyone at the orphanage, promising to do their best to buy gifts for everyone.. they didn’t have much money on them, only those that they have saved previously, but the Lavere said not to worry as everything has been arranged for them like food and a place to stay..

It was the first time Mya and the other kids board a plane so they were very excited.. Mya was also nervous about being so high in the sky.. what if they fall? The plane looks very big and heavy.. how can it float then? But after Mrs Lavere assures them that everything was gonna be fine, Mya felt better.. it was a long flight.. it felt like they were flying forever.. they liked watching outside the window and seeing the world from the sky.. everything looked so small.. then when they flew across the ocean, there was nothing much to see… meal was served and they tasted great.. Mya wasn’t sure if she could have more when she finished hers, but since no one else was having a 2nd round, she didn’t have hers.. Mya wasn’t sure when she started dozing off.. she was awoken to the sound of ppl chattering, and saw land through the window.. the signal to buckle up was on, which indicates that they were about to land… this is it, they’re almost there..

The plane landed and Mya held her breath.. the plane was fast on its track and eventually came to a stop.. ppl started to get up and took their luggage out of the compartment above.. Mya just sat at her seat with the others and waited till the Lavere gave the signal.. they then disembarked the plane n walked through the airport.. all kids were excited and nervous at the same time… by the end of the airport, they saw a man standing with a sign held up with the name Lavere on it.. at first, Mya thought they were famous, only then she learn that he was their driver to send them to their place.. Australia was awesome.. everything was all colourful with bright colours unlike the gloomy London they lived.. birds chirping away, butterflies everywhere, it was indeed summer here…

They reached their hotels and settled in.. that was the first time Mya stayed in a hotel.. they had to share the beds but Mya didn’t mind.. they had a magnificent view facing the ocean.. it was big and blue.. the toilets were all clean and white.. everything was more than what Mya had expected.. Mya’s tummy started growling, when Mrs Lavere told them to make sure everything was in order before they went down for lunch.. they stepped in the dining area and Mya was amazed at the amount of food they had there.. Mya was told that it was a buffet and she could eat anything she wanted but also bear in mind not to waste the food.. they had a feast.. if bacons or roast chicken was considered lucky to have, Mya doesn’t have a word to express this day… it was beyond awesomeness.. they had bread, soup, then chicken, pasta, lamb, vegetables.. and after that, they had ice cream and cakes.. lots of ice cream and cakes.. Mya never wanted this day to end..

But lunch wasn’t just all about food.. they had a briefing on their activities for their whole trip.. a lot has been arranged for them and it was not just all about fun.. Mrs Lavere said there was a lot to be learn from this special trip.. Mya was eager to learn more.. she like learning outside the classroom very much.. among the activities that will be held is, as promise, a trip to the zoo, where they will learn more about animals.. they will also visit several museums and learn about cultures in other countries.. the list was very long and included ceremonies where other kids from other orphanage will be joining them for a special event.. Mya knew this was going to be a hectic time for her, but she was looking forward to this very much… Mya knew that she would have to tell everything to the kids and teachers back home.. and to make sure she remembers every details, and wouldn’t miss a thing, she took along with her a small book to write in.. it was her very own journal that she’ll carry with her everywhere she goes, and write down things they do and where they go.. hopefully, the book will be enough to fit in all the stories that needs to be told from all the planned activitie..

to be continued.....