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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shayloss BootCamp

can i do it? will i ever do it?  i've always hated exercise (u might be able to tell if u read this blog enough)... but let's face it, that's what i need to do, at least abit, in order to stay healthy.. cuz i dun eat healthy.. i just stuff my face with whatever food i can get (or afford) hehehe so maybe baby steps will do.. i know i had a goal of having an hour workout at least twice within this year, n even that seemed impossible.. so taking cue from my milk consumption effort, which i'm doing quite well considering i've only missed about 1 week or 2 in total days, i'm gonna start super slow on this.. n i'm talking super slow, not even a weekly thing..

see this video above (i know, i like to link videos now  =b )  well Shaycarl n his frens did this bootcamp n the moves didn't seem that difficult.. it's amazing how he dedicated his time to actually make an effort to acheive his goal.. which reminds me, can't wait for Shave Day hehehe  anyway, 4 routines, each takes a minute and 20 seconds of rest in between.. i could do that right? need help with the timing but i really think this is a start.. will try it this weekend (either one day or both) n then we'll see things from there..

although on another note, hula hoop seems much easier right? it's right there inside my room, so what's the problem? huhuhuh what kinda workout do u do?