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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Lost For Words

updates: it was reported that the woman pulling the kid to the side went and searched for help after doing so... kudos to u then.. appologies for not knowing so earlier... read a report from CNN here..

it's all over the Internet and it's heartbreaking.. it's devastating.. it's shocking.. it gets u sad and so angry... a 3 year old child was run over by a van.. but not your typical hit and run case cuz the people walking by just ignored her..  how could u walk-by, see a child laying on the ground helplessly, and just walk a way?? how can u fucking walk away from that?? it's inhuman!! and she was still freaking moving!! clearly she's alive and should be saved immediately.. pulling her to the side? what good does it do? a simple phone call would do.. even an anonymous one.. at least get her some help.. *sob sob*  Watched it with my lil sister yesterday..  it's very disturbing to know such people exist in this world.. didn't catch it on news, but papa said she survived but is in very critical condition.. i hope she lives a healthy and happy life.. i noe it's doubted, but i hope she won't grow up and see that video as she'll be traumatic enough surviving it.. to know that there was at least 5 people who walked on by and did nothing, it's just not right..

what have we become?