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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Westlife Live in KL

this may be old news but just felt like writing about it now.. so as any 80's baby, i've grown up listening to 90's pop music, especially when boy bands was the 'IT' thing during that era.. so as most of u might noe, Westlife had their Gravity tour and stopped by Malaysia on 7th October 2011.. i took the day off that Friday n went out with my mum n sis.. went for breakfast first then karok with my big sis sbb my lil sis threw a fit (gedik).. went back, got ready n head off to Bukit Jalil.. the traffic was awful, got there after about an hour drive, then made a mistake of parking the car way too far than we wanted..

typical malaysian show, it started about 9:10pm i think instead of the said 8:30pm.. we sat almost close to the stage n had a nice view of them.. can't really tell by the pix tho.. they sang some old hits as well as some new songs... they even did a medley of songs by other singers like Coldplay, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.. to me, that was the highlight of the night hehehe talk about awesomeness..

i would prefer if they sang more of their older hits, but i think they had some albums in between then n now so they had to cover those songs too.. unlike BSB, they went solo for a bit before the concert so they didn't have an album together in between (correct me if i'm wrong).. so they did manage to cover a lot of their old songs, which by far is the best concert i've been to, to date  =D  still happy i managed to catch Westlife live n hear them sing What Makes a Man, You Raise Me Up, Seasons In The Sun, When You're Looking Like That and also Flying Without Wings.. would've love to hear them sing If Your Heart's Not In It tho... among the best ballads i've heard because of the melody and lyrics.. so heartbreaking if i would've experienced that myself hehehe

so anyway, not much pics but here's what i took... another fave moment besides the medley was during You Raise Me Up n the crowd took out their phones, which was typical during slow songs.. but instead of using their screens, they used the torchlight app i think, cuz the lights were brighter than usual, not dimmed n super pretty.. i was amazed and smiling from ear to ear n found myself captivated in that moment.. truly amazing and beautiful, they looked like stars in the sky just shining away hehehehe