Check This Out

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


i kicked him in the head and watched him as he bled,
blood running down his nose, bruising legs and broken toes,
it's payback time and revenge is a bitch,
you'll never tame me down, not even one bit,
how you like me now, all charged up and in power,
do you like this little girl, taking you over,
you tried to get up, another blow to the tummy,
you moaned in pain, your eyesight all blurry,
do it to me again, don't tell me i didn't warned you,
this is what you get, after all that i went through,
you think it was over the moment you hit me,
you got it all wrong, i'm no longer that girl, baby,
better luck next time, cuz i ain't looking back,
i'm walking away with my dignity intact.