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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Worst Thing To Date

*sigh*  it sucks big time when u think u did everything there could be done to make sure u hand in a proper task, but then in fact u overlooked a couple of thing, that just so happen to be super crucial, and end up handing in something with the wrong info...  u'll have two option, to admit ur mistake and be upfront, or leave it as it is n pray that no one will notice.. it doesn't takes a genius to figure out what the right thing to do will be.. but it does takes a lot of guts to do it.. in some cases, i just might have the guts.. but in this case, the extent of the mistake seems too careless to be able to be get up and say it..

even at the start of this phase of life, my dad advised me with something that relates to this.. take whatever they give with the belief that u could do it.. admit ur mistake and take own the responsibility of it  *sigh*  why do u have to be so true  =s   might be the worst thing i've done with this job to date..