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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Food Are Like Drugs

they're super addictive.. especially when they look like this..........

the yummyness of the Kicking Shrimp.. oofff it taste superbly good.. i can finish 2 all to myself  =b

not forgetting the ribs (yummy) and fillet tenderloin (not so yummy) served with mashed potatoes and fries..

and also the 1/2 bbq chicken (yummeyh) served with mashed potatoes and fries too...

and just like drugs, indulging urself to this highness could get u broke  =b  but it's still worth it... shayloss what?? ppffttt the hell with it.. u only have one life, u might as well have fun with it hahahaha

brought to u by Tony Romas, RM 172 including 3 drinks  =D