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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Little Things

I've always been a sucker for little things.. i tend to appreciate them more.. to me, sometimes small gesture could go along way n have a greater impact on you.. i guess i'll look for that in a relationship.. people who appreciates little things..

up to now, i think the sweetest thing my whole family has done for me was during one of my birthday.. n i've had massive birthdays before, dated way back in London when i had my party in McDonald's.. i remember having Laura as my birthday gift (that's a dolls' name to those who don't noe hehehe) i've had other moderate celebrations with friends.. n not forgetting those usual birthdays when nothing seems to be a big deal n everything in life seems to go on normally..
but to this day, i think there's one that'll stick on my mind, for as long as i will remember (pretty sure i've mentioned this previously) it was the day we decided to have a simple lunch at Dave's Deli OU.. normal place to eat n nothing special about it.. but that day, we all wore purple.. my dad had his purple shirt on, my mum wore her purple baju kurung, n my 2 sisters were wearing purple tops.. Izad even went inside the room and asked me to change.. so there we were, in Dave's Deli.. all in purple..
why purple? cuz it's my favourite colour  =D  i love my family..