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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Steel Review

Awesomness!!!  went to watch this movie last tuesday night with my sisters and cousins.. n it's one of the best.. Real Steel is basically bout robot fighting starring Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo taking the role as Charlie Keaton and Max Keaton respectively..

apparently human boxing has become irrelavant as spectators want more action and entertainment n robots gave them the option of fighting till the end (i.e. till the death). The two main characters stumbled into a sparring Generation 2 robot named Atom and as a former boxer himself, Charlie trained Atom to be a fighting robot.. i like how the movie unfolds n the story doesn't seem to slow down.. it keeps the energy going, with Max providing the most entertaining moment.. the graphics of the robots are A-mazing and the fights seems so real with the sound effects and all..

another ups for this movie is that it doesn't have that sappy romantic storyline most movies seems to have... even the scenes about the father and son relationship was kept to a minimum, with just enough human touch.. cuz frankly speaking, if i wanted drama, i would go watch a dramatic movie and not Real Steal... hope i didn't give too much away but this is definitely a must-see movie.. i rate it 9/10 n would definitely watch it again.. after watching the movie, mohsin said he felt like punching someone hahaha and it's true.. the movie gives u so much energy, u can feel it even after it ends... so go watch it now...