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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bangkok Express?

a joke just popped into my head about Bangkok, but nvm just ignore it.. bored, Gossip Girl can't stream so i'm left here writing a bit.. so didn't manage to take my car grant (is that what u call it?) last friday, so i went to take it just now at Wisma Nusantara with Hani n Ady.. went there by cab, then later on went for lunch at The Weld.. my first time there, was an ok place.. we decided to eat at Bangkok Express.. our dishes were simple..

 we had Spicy Tom Yam Seafood...

and also Butter Prawn..

forgot to take pic, but we also had some kerabu mangga... total of that along with 2 coconut juice n ice lemon tea cost about rm112.. my take? u could do better.. the tom yam had this sourness in it.. was ok for me but would still prefer my mum's cooking (who doesn't) or my very own.. well, basically the recipe is from her la.. or maybe Santai.. n the butter prawn wasn't really nice.. as u can see, the prawns aren't that big, but i think that's normal? hehehe not sure if it's cuz that's how the Thai cooks it, but if u're looking for butter prawn, that won't be the place to go..  u're better off at a real seafood restaurant.. kerabu mangga was ok, mkn je but not really a fan so can't say much...

so, will i take my family there? nope, would rather take them somewhere else... huhuhuh cm kejam je bunyi   =b


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