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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Talk Full of Nothingness

i'm a whiny bitch, i'll admit that.. there are some days when i wake up, n everything just feels wrong.. today was that day.. when people say 'sleep on it' doesn't it usually mean that sleeping can help u think straighter or clearer? (are those words correct?) and then u'll wake up refreshed? but i went to sleep last night dreading the thought of going to work.. n yes, i woke up this morning with the same feeling.. i need to change the way i get up in the morning, like be more grateful that i'm still alive perhaps? then i get to the office and think to myself, here goes another day of doing this crap again.. when i should be thankful that i still have a job and am not contributing to the percentage of unemployment.. but that's just how i feel right now... i feel like the way things are set in motion just ain't right for me.. it's like there's something missing.. i could always feel this numbness and somehow, i'm relating it to my work.. i know i've mentioned it countless of time and i'm sick of it myself, so i'm pretty sure those reading will just skip this whole post.. but yes, i feel the urge to just scream n want things to go my way for once..

it doesn't really help when people talk cuz at times like these, i don't give a shit.. and faking it takes too much energy out of me that i could feel myself weighing down with all the 'burden'.. stopping myself from rolling my eyes ain't that easy.. i could be a sarcastic bitch n i think only my friends know that.. and when i say my friends, i mean the freaks =b i miss them a lot.. only about a month left till we're 'reunited' hehehe road trip!!! *sigh* i can pin point all the wrongs in my life easier than the goods.. just stop complaining will ya!!