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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Avenged Sevenfold Live in KL


by far the coolest concert i've ever been to (ok maybe bias sket).. but it was a blast.. and it helps that i was near the stage and i could fell my heart pounding to the sound of the drums.. cool weh.. ko ptt gi kin =b thanx to adam n mohsin temankn hehehe picked up mohsin around 5:50pm n drove to Sunway Pyramid and met abg there.. ate a bit (n i mean a bit) before we head off.. dlm sunway tu penuh org pakai black shirt with A7X on 'em.. no guessing where they're heading to hehehe

went in after maghrib so we didn't see the opening's ok, tho, mmg dtg tgk sevenfold je pon.. n when the show started, the crowds went wild!! they opened with Nightmare n Critical Acclaim.. n i was like a little kid, jumping with abg screaming Nightmare!!!!! i don't think i could really describe it with words cuz it was so much fun.. (minus some songs i didn't sempat hafal n will get it from Mohsin foREVer).. my bad, songs i knew they would sing, i didn't really listen to it that much like Welcome To The Family and Buried Alive.. and i felt bad for Mohsin cuz the one song that he knew was Dear God, and they didn't even sang that!! siot jer.. n no Seize The Day, Warmness Of The Soul, Gunslinger, Scream etc.. 

but among the songs they did perform was Afterlife, A Little Piece of Heaven, Fiction, So Far Away, Beast and the Harlot, and some others i'm too lazy to recall (saper sruh xgi hahahaha) i had a good view of them n my M Shadow is so fucking hawt!!! but there were tall people and hands in front of me, plus they were jumping so i had to really tip toe to see them.. and my phone sux cuz i can't zoom in.. bodoh tol.. n when i recorded a song, the audio sux.. but overall it was one of the best concert i've been to.. A7X are awesome live.. it's just that u might need to stand in the middle of the stage to have the best sound cuz we were on the left side, and could mostly hear Zacky's guitar instead of Syn n Matt's vocals.. but it was still awesome nonetheless.. and they were so cool that they stayed at least for 5 mins on the stage after they were done, to throw picks n drumsticks to the crowds.. (cuz most ppl just leave the stage once they're done) and a guy got to shake hands with Matt cuz he brought a Malaysian flag with him n Matt asked him to pass it over.. so peeps, a secret weapon to shake hands with a star is to bring a flag heheheh must go to another one of their concert now hehehehe and will definitely try to... best wooo

some pics i did managed to take n some from bb mohsin sbb die blh zoom.. 

 the crowd at Tune Talk Zone.. 

 my dear cousin.. forgot to take another pic la with the stage la abg huhuhuh lighting xcantek sgt at this time..

 the stage!! super excited for it to start woot!!

 if u look very hard, u could see Synyster Gates on the right.. look it..

 My Shadow!!! Hotness alert!!

 Better view from the screen...


 The infamous Syn's guitar

yes i know, byk pic M Shadows jer.. my bad.. abg kept reminding me to take a pic, but with my crappy camera phone, xde mood sgt nk amek.. mohsin helped a bit tho, those last few pics were from his phone.. i think i should tag abg in one of the pic hehehe hope he had  a good time.. i know i did *winks*