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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

So Today Kinda Suck

I'm not quite sure where my head is at this moment.. for some reason, i can't think straight.. i thought today would be another productive day n i'll be able to finish up some outstanding things.. but no thanx to me, i kinda screwed it up.. maybe i need to organise myself more and set my priorities straight.. i donnoe, maybe i should focus more on the objective and what results i want rather than what i think could work for the moment.. take things one step at a time rather than rushing into things especially when testing things.. i guess i'm just too disappointed in myself right now and all these thoughts keep popping in my head.. u noe when u argue with urself, that little voice inside of u suddenly can recall a lot of things and things that seem petty to u at first suddenly becomes this big things... suddenly i think of all the things i've done, and comparing it to what other ppl have done, and try to see what gives them the right to ridicule what i did just cuz it wasn't part of the plan, although that might not be what they intended but it did seems to be the case to me at that moment.. i don't noe, it just went all wrong for me towards the end today.. timing was all off as well, what with other things i learn of.. i really do need to organise myself and list down the tasks i need to do, although i don't noe if i could manage it all.. it's just a little bit overwhelming right know to even give a shit about it..

having things like this happen in my life reminds me why i hate ppl reading my blog.. i dun feel like i can be completely honest here without being cautious about things.. but the good thing about rambling to urself is no one will take the effort to read anyway, it's too boring  =b it's just one of those phase in my life that i have to get over it.. owh well, just deal with it bitch..