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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baked Pasta Recipe

one of my all time favourite cooked by my mum... havn't tried it all by myself but it seems pretty easy hehehe my mum used to bake it but most of the time, we choose not to cuz it taste so much better =)  bear in mind that this recipe serves about more than 10 people, so if you're cooking it for a small family like mine (family of 5), then just use half of each ingredients aight?

Ingeredients :-
1 packet of Fussilli (or any other type of pasta, but this is my fave for this recipe)
1/2 kg of minced beef
some garlic
1 can of button mushroom
2 cans of mushroom soup
1 Philedelphia cream cheese (or any other cream cheese)
Mozzerella cheese (for toppings)
a bit of black pepper

first thing first, boil some water for your pasta.. add a little bit of salt for taste.. once the pasta is cooked, drain out the water and put it to the side.. or if you're in a rush, do the next step while waiting for the pasta to cook..

so, fry some garlic and add in the minced beef (use just a little bit of oil).. let it fry till the beef change colour then put it to the side for later..

then, make some mushroom soup.. pour in the cans of mushroom soup and add in the same amount of water (2 cans) in the pot (like how u usually make ur instant soup).. stir well till the soup dissolves in the water.. then add in the cream cheese.. cut the cheese into smaller pieces for it to blend well with the soup..  put a bit of black pepper (depends on how much u like black pepper)..

when it's all simmered well, add in the minced beef fried earlier and the pasta... n mix add some texture and yummness to it, ad in some mozzarella cheese.. n now u're all set..

the end result? 

old pic...

looks yummy?

lemme noe if u tried it aight..