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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Idea of Things

I think i've always been captivated by just the idea of things.. i don't necessarily have to have it, or have to be it.. just the idea of it would be fine for me.. eating healthy and working out for example.. i think, even more so after watching Shaytards, i've always like the idea of being healthy too.. in my mind, i feel like i can do all those crunches, reptiles and do my skipping everyday (note: in my mind).. but the matter of fact is that i'm too lazy to get off my ass and actually do something.. the occasional times i do decide to do some workout (i'm not sure if it could qualify as workout actually), it's only for a few minutes... like less than an hour.. n i'll be all huffing n puffing n so out of breath n think twice about doing it, wondering if it's worth it.. of course it's worth it, but i'm not really the patient type and i would really love to see quick results.. but if it takes me like months before i could actually see some results, then i throw my hands up.. i think my main problem is laziness and lack of discipline or will power.. i always make excuses for myself, like how i don't have a workout partner, how i could actually do it if i have a buddy next to me, doing it with me.. so yeah, the idea of being healthy n into exercising is quite appealing to me..

and how about the idea of growing up with ur best friends.. have u ever have a conversation that goes to the direction of we'll get married around the same time.. be pregnant together.. and we can get our kids to marry each other and we'll become in laws!! no? well it does seem like something people would think of right? it's just the idea of being there together makes it all sounds good, but really, u wouldn't wanna do that.. how else will u bitch about ur in laws if they're ur best friends? who would u go to to complain about things? hehehe again it's just one of those things that sounds good in ur head but doesn't really turns out the way u imagined it will be.. it may turn out great for some people, those few lucky people... who knows right..

same thing goes to relationship.. the idea of being in a relationship might seem appealing to some, so you tend to find someone to what i mentioned to shikin, it's not the case of "owh i like u", but it's more like "hmm i think i'll like u" and so u set ur sight in that direction..are there really such people? well, u'll never know hehehe it's just that sometimes seems like that.. it's like when u see an old couple together and u go all aaawww they're so sweet together.. i wanna have that kinda person to be with too, and we could grow old together.. isn't that just awesome? ok, so maybe the idea of growing old together doesn't just seems great in ur mind, but really IS a great thing itself.. it's just that at the moment u're thinking about it, do u have a particular person in mind or r u still thinking about a possible someone and just willing to settle for anyone.. i don't know, maybe when it comes to that kinda love, i'm a little skeptical about it.. i don't really think i could love a guy enough to want to be with him for the rest of my life  =b

moving on... the idea of being a mother fascinates me too.. i've always been looking forward to being a mother (but also fear to have a mini me as a daughter) as opposed to being a wife.. maybe it's because being a wife is too much fairytale with all the pre-marriage thing, while u know that being a mother is a lotta hard work.. of course there's the occasion of imagining dressing up ur daughters in cute little princess dress or tutus or just generally cute outfits (admit it girls, we all want our very own Suri heheheh) but we all know that being a mother is more than just "playing dolls" and dressing up.. it's much bigger than that.. and at the back of our minds, we all wanna be that 'cool' mum.. we want to be "bff" with our kids and could talk about just anything with them.. wouldn't that be awesome? and also when the idea of being a mother comes to mind, it's always me with a kid.. it's never with teenagers (esp those rebellious ones) or a young adult.. but i do kinda think of what i'll do with my kids or the way i control them when they are young adults.. do i hold on to them and control every inch of their life like how i am now, or do i give them some freedom and let them choose their own path.. do i support them regardless what they choose to be when they grow up? those kinda things i havn't really thought about cuz c'mon, that's a long way to go..

so really, does the idea of things fascinates u too or is it something u would really wanna have or be? will it be something u work hard to achieve or are they one of those things that u just let it happen if it is written for u.. anyway, i'm bored already, so that will be all.. byeee