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Monday, May 21, 2012


Rs cm dh lamer xupdate blog kn? hehehe last week felt super long (padahal it was still 7 days, and 24hrs per day).. blk lmbt jer (remind me to claim) but luckily izad drive gi ukm, so sy xyah drive.. on top of saving rm10.50 per day for parking, i have a driver to send me home hehehe bagus kn  =b so pinjam la keta sy lg ye... last thursday xtahan sgt penat, blakang rs lenguh2 jer.. xtau la my sitting position yg xbtol ker aper, but rs sgt2 xcomfortable.. so plan blk awal n nk singgah curve.. why? dh penat2, lg nk gi curve instead of rest kt rumah?? well, singgah curve jap sbb nk gune Rest and Go kat situ heheheh thank you Gintell for that kinda good idea.. a massage chair cost a fortune.. yg kitorg testing yg 3D tu, yg blh detect mane shoulders kitorg etc tu, cost about rm13k... jgn harap la nk beli kn.. so guner yg kt mall rm10 for 30mins pon jd la yer hehehe pilih curve sbb mlm2 xramai sgt org, especially time weekdays.. so that day blk cepat sket, n mama pon nk ikot.. so gi curve, syok2 relax kt massage chair, then proceed to.. ermm... to Chatime!!! hehehe ngidam la plak, mcm dh lamer xminum  =b short trip jer.. didn't take us long.. smp jer, terus naek atas, spent less than 5 mins tgk some furniture kt atas tu, used the massage chair while izad gi bli coffee bean n jln2 sket kt metrojaya, went down beli chatime, then blk rumah.. see how fun it is to have a home near shopping malls heheheh

after that mmg rs lega sket.. felt like my shoulders were lighter (rsnyer it's not just in my head) mama said, still cannot beat the human massage.. xpnh try but i know it's true la.. tgk la, if rajin, maybe nk try soon.. dgr wahida gi hot stone massage kt PJ hilton cm best la plak.. teringin sgt2 gi, n bwk mama gk..we'll see la how.. mcm nk amek cuti cuz cuti byk lg.. lgpon weekend ni nk bbq kt selayang for opah's birthday.. weeee ilyas tumpang gk birthday die.. menu maybe a little more simple than before kot cuz bg mama rest.. we might just be making baked pasta minus the baking hahaha then the usual lamb, chicken, hot dogs and burgers.. 

k lah, today plan nk blk cepat.. hopefully nothing is stopping me from doing so  =b  toodles