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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homst... I Love Food

So a couple of weeks ago, my family (minus papa) went out for dinner..At first plan nk gi Santai je but then yaya mentioned about mama wanting to eat at Homst a few nights before that.. so tukar plan.. we invited papa but as usual, papa xnk ikot.. we didn't mentioned where we were going to be exact, just said that we're going out for dinner.. turns out, if papa knew we were going to Homst, he would've come with huhhuuhu tu la, next time ikot jer.. so anyway, we went to Homst ttdi but it was full, and since we're so rajin n sy dh terbayang2 lemon chicken n butter prawn, we decided to go to the Kota Damansara branch heheheh went there and there were plenty of seats left yeahhh we kinda ordered a lot for only 4 ppl plus izad wasn't really that hungry.. this is what we had...

instead of eating with white rice, we ordered chinese fried rice instead.. had 3 plates and shared within us 4.. sedap gk..

then off course we had butter prawn.. yummy gk especially the serawang2 tu hehehe but still kt labuan tu lagi sedap.. nk lagi yg tu..

for vege, we had kailan ikan masin (i think that's what it's called).. sy xmkn sayur kailan sgt..

then the lemon chicken.. yummnesssss

yaya ordered sotong tepung... kt labuan nyer gk lg sedap  =b

n lastly mama ordered ikan 3 rasa.. but maybe yg sampai ikan masak something else  =b i like ikan 3 rasa yg kt kg baru better, but ate this a bit too... if papa came along, he sure could finish this for us  =)

rs cm dh a few times gk mkn sini but not as often as Santai.. tibe2 terbayang mkn seafood kt labuan kt Tanjung Aru ke ape tah name tpt tu... sedap giler nk lagi!!!