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Monday, May 14, 2012

I Write For Me

***post ni sgt la outdated... been in my draft for weeks***

Ever wonder why my blog is so damn boring? off course u do, but why the hell are you still here then??  =b  i started out this blog cuz i find that having a journal at home won't be too safe hehehe although i do enjoy writing on paper more, typing has it's perks too.. and well my handwriting ain't that good so having a blog helps me read back about what i went through or how i feel without having to assume things cuz my handwriting sux.. then as time goes by, i tend to write short poems, random ones of course, and having a blog help me track those poems easily.. my journal doesn't have a search engine basically, so there's no way i would flip through pages if i were to look for something specific.. 

i don't write to impress so there's bound to be a lotta crap in here.. all ramblings off course.. i usually write what's on top of my mind and minimum filtering.. those were back in the days when i knew no one was reading cuz i never told anyone.. then when i told my best friends, well nothing really changed that much i dun't really have anything to hide from them.. all crimes were committed together anyway  =b  then when i thought that a certain someone was reading, i didn't put everything down.. some things are better kept to ourselves.. then i tried to have nuffnang cuz i was 'attracted' by the concept of making money by writing, cuz basically i wanna be a journalist so that's as close as i could get to being one right? but obviously it's not that easy cuz u need to promote ur blog, n ppl would only be interested in ur blog if u have something interesting to say... and talking about ur sucky life ain't one of 'em hahahaha so i basically just gave up on that cuz i don't feel like writing just so others could read... i prefer to write what i want n feel and never have to think of ppl judging me...

so yeah, i'm basically writing for myself.. for me to reflect back on what happened and what i've been through before.. on how i used to write and how my writings have changed.. or how i myself have changed as a person (changed meh??) cuz whenever i read back my old post, i tend to laugh at myself.. at how naive i was.. and how immature i sound.. i guess some part of who i am reflects in the way i write.. owh well, with all that said.. if this ain't interesting enough, then easy.. Stop Reading!!!  =b  byee