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Friday, May 04, 2012

Let's Get Fit?

so have u noticed me mentioning about working out a lot? it's something that has been lingering on my mind for some time now.. i know i ain't good at it but i do try.. n i don't necessarily enjoy it mainly cuz i suck at it, and i'm not that patient cuz i wanna see results there and then.. but there are times when i do feel good after working out cuz i'm panting and i know that means i'm doing something, right? so far, i do about 15 - 20 mins of workout.. it may not be a straight full 20 mins cuz i do take a break occasionally in between but in total, i try to make it about that time.. i'm trying out steps from Amanda Russell and Carliestylez and here are my favorites (or what i usually manage to do)..

Crunches: these are the normal sit ups.. it works out ur abs as long as u keep it tight..
Side crunches: same thing but u're laying on ur side..  done to loosen that muffin top of mine  =b
Reptiles: down on ur fours (hands and legs), take one leg high up, and bring that knee down to ur elbow (left knee left elbow, right knee right elbow, u know the drill).. this will work out ur abs as well as ur hands since u're supporting ur whole body..
Barrier Jumps: down on ur fours again, and jump from side to side as if there's something in the middle.. this is more of a leg workout..
Lunges: my favourite leg workout.. standing position, then take a step back as far as u can.. lowering ur body and making sure ur front knee doesn't go beyond ur toes.. try to have it at a 90 degrees..
Turkish Get Ups: another of my favourite but i always hear cracking sounds on my back.. i don't think it's normal.. u basically lie down, then stand up without using ur hands to support urself.. this is more of a leg workout..
Prisoners squats: this is tiring.. from a standing position, with legs apart a bit, get into a half squat position, stand up, and do a karate kick.. switch legs each time.. make sure ur bum sticks out n ur knees doesn't go beyond ur toes when u're half squating..
Cardio Burpees: down on ur fours like in a pumping position, jump and pull ur legs in like in a squating position, then jump as high as u can and repeat.. this works more on the legs and is super tiring even after doing just ten.. try it!!
Planking Jacks: down on your fours like in a pumping position.. ur legs will be together.. then jump and seperating ur legs and jump back to ur original position... this will work out ur legs..
Legs Lift: lie down on ur back, lift ur legs till 90 degrees (like n 'L' shape) slowly lowering it down.. this is more of an abs workout rather than ur legs cuz u'll be lifting and lowering ur legs using ur lower abs muscles..
Reverse Push Ups: cuz i suck and i can't do push ups, i do this which i call reverse push ups.. get down on ur fours but facing upwards.. ur body will be like a bridge.. and slowly lower down ur body by bending ur arms..

so those are the basic workouts i try to do.. there are more but i bet u don't really wanna know.. it's hard imagining the steps without pictures anyway.. i don't have a certain way of doing things.. so far they're all jumbled up.. but i'm working towards having a more consistent and effective workout.. i've set my timer to 10 mins, and try doing the steps in 20 reps (thinking of increasing them to 30).. the idea is to do whatever u can, and as much as u can within that 10 mins.. then take a minute break, and repeat.. like what Amanda would say.. it's ot the amount of time u do it, but more of the intensity of it.. so this is what i try to do for now, working on getting my heart rate up, sweating a bit, and getting my body used to being a bit tired..

so hopefully i can keep up doing this and it can help me to stay fit...

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier - not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do it has increased" --- Ralph Waldo Emerson.