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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Zealand - Day 9

Minta maaf ade kesilapan technical at my previous post, day 6.. fiq yg drive along the coastal on the way to Kaikoura, and not papa and dh btolkan hehehe plg best drive kt situ yek? hehehe nasib baik die xdpt jalan Picton n Coromandel hahahaha anyway, I noticed that my post have all these big spaces in between.. but when I was drafting it, they seemed fine.. malas nk btolkan boleh x hahaha so the last few post had a lot more pics than I thought of putting but xpela kan.. Ok dah next day.. today we planned to go on a cruise at Milford Sound.. this one was for mama cuz she wanted to go and see the fjord and waterfalls.. well damn it NZ, why do u have to make such complicated roads with no short cut? Let me give u a glimpse of where we drove and how it could be..