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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Zealand - Day 10

By this time, we were dreading the end of our vacation cuz the rest of the itinerary was just the trip going back to Auckland.. this day was a long drive.. 7 hours ok.. Props to fiq yg drive the whole way without switching drivers.. we stopped here and there for pics and gas.. Co-driver munch2 and rest mate ke? Hehehe so this was a relaxing day and not much had happened (or really? Hehehehe) we reached our motel, Terrace Motel Franz Josef.. checked in and rest for a while.. the guy at the office did mention a few things we could do there, and when he mentioned glow worm cave, I thought we could do that since it was closed the other day..

it snowed that morning, up on the mountains.. 

mate sembab cuz i was so tired.. 

ad-hoc waterfall due to the heavy rain.. 

We didn’t manage to stock up food at Queenstown so we went to the mini market they had there.. it was drizzling so we all got our umbrellas out (there’s a reason why I point this out).. they didn’t have much at the mini market, no fish that we were comfortable buying.. not much vegetables as well.. we got what we can and went back to the motel.. by this time, I was feeling a little under the weather.. the flu got to me but I didn’t really felt that I had the fever.. I was just cold but then the temperature was low.. I’d say the highlight of the day was that night after dinner.. after eating I straight away went to bed.. the rest were watching tv or on their phones.. I remember noting the wind blowing outside cuz the sound was quite loud.. then I heard izad saying that it was raining heavily outside cuz the tv had no service (macam astro tu), then suddenly izad remembered our umbrellas.. we had left it open outside to dry and totally forgot about it…

There was 4 umbrellas total, and izad said mine n papa’s were still there.. I guess someone helped us closed it.. but mama n izad’s one were missing.. so izad and fiq went outside for a while to look for it.. sian fiq yg tgh xsehat sgt tu pon gi kluar gak.. unfortunately, they only manage to find mama’s umbrella (payung London mari hehehe), but izad nye xde.. tu plak payung paris mari hahahah sian2.. mmg dh bkn rezeki la nk own payung tu lame2.. the next day ade sambung gak cari but ala kadar je cuz we knew overnight it could be anywhere by now.. not much pic for this day cuz we literally spent the whole time driving.. left queenstown and once we reach franz joseff, gi mini market and stayed in the motel till the next day..