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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Zealand - Day 13

Another long drive planned for the day.. I’m telling u, it is super hard to slot in almost all places within 2 weeks.. Coromandel had this rave of having nice beaches (or so I thought).. one of Palmerston North motel early, the drive was 7 hours (arrgghhh the horror again).. I don’t remember doing much that day except for bickering on which route to take.. the itinerary plan was to go through New Plymouth.. but papa asked why not go through Napier.. The alternative was go through Lake Taupo again but we’ve gone through that before, so why repeat.. I know izad dh pening2, she wanted to please papa but at the same time, we were afraid we won’t make it in time to Coromandel even though we were just going to the beach..

Bykla gak bickering but end up (as usual) up to u la nk ikot mana, papa follow je.. gggrrrrrr haishh oklah what to do.. long story short, we initially took the Lake Toupo route, then halfway, went to Napier route, which added 3 more hours to our journey, then when I told izad this will take super long if we carry on to Gisborne, we decided to take the Lake Toupo route back.. 

 apelah nasib badan, when it was time for me to drive je, dapat jalan yg mcm sial huhuh, that day I was super tired, and didn’t expect the road condition to be like that.. unlike the drive from Picton, this time I was driving on the outside, near a cliff, in pitch black dark except of the headlights, WITH NO FREAKING RAIL!!! Seriously la NZ, why does ur roads have to be like that???? I remember being so tired at one point I asked yaya how much further is left? Ade x dlm 10 km? because there was a point we had 30km left.. then she said 18km!!! what!!1 macam nk pengsan je kne drive another 18km in that condition..


long story short, we managed to get there finally.. the lady was kind enough to show us places we could go to there.. this time penat and lapar but we made dinner and eat.. kt NZ ni la the jeruk ikan masin ke ape tu laku.. baru ade rasa sket time makan hehehe nothing much for the day.. the next day baru ade activity..