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Thursday, October 02, 2014


I don't know how many drafts i've got lying around in my inbox.. each one semakin basi by the second.. i'm just stubborn cause i wanted my NZ posts to be up first before i post anyhting else but now it's already October and even the NZ posts pon dah basi kan.. selecting pictures are tedious, and yet that's what should be in the posts.. cause no one wants to hear my ramblings about the places right.. so this 3-day weekend, i will commit to get up at least one post up.. then hopefully it'll snowball from there..

In other news, my results will be out soon.. in two weeks' time to be exact.. and i don't think i did good so i'm not expecting much.. we'll see how thing goes but basically i'm thinking of resitting for the exams next year rather than this year since i've got quite some things in line for the remaining year.. not too keen to work on it but i've got no choice right *big sigh*

On a better note, i found a gym partner and we've been working out for about one month plus.. we've skipped a little bit here and there but mostly we did managed to go during lunch hour.. now we're working on our meals.. since we spend around 20 minutes in the gym, showering and changing back to our working attire, we've got lesser time for lunch.. to make up for the time, we decided to pack our lunch from home and hopefully control what we eat.. me being me, i wouldn't have the time to prepare a solid meal in the morning and i'm too lazy to do it the night before so i just manage to prepare light meals, mostly salads.. you'd think that salads are easy to prepare well so did i.. but turns out, not so much.. yes all i do is chopping here and there but it's also quite tedious getting things in smaller bite size.. still figuring things out but at least it's a step forward.. owh owh and also, i've signed up for a yoga class hahahahaha macam lawak.. and the instructor pon lawak gak (or shall i say scary?) But i thought i'll just persevere and stick to it.. just this one thing, out of all the things i've been wanting to do but didn't (yes i'm talking about you guitar lesson)..

Another BBW coming up in Dec and i'm determine to bring a bag this time around.. in the meantime, i'm trying to finish up my 2nd GoT book, hopefully another week to go before i finish the 969 pages *exhale* another Hercule Poirot or two before i proceed with the next one.. the next season starts somewhere in April i believe and i'm hoping i get to finish all 5 books before it starts.. then i can yell spoiler alert!!

So that's a quickie from me.. i'll leave you with a pic of the whole family on my mum's side (the first one ever!!)