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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Zealand - Day 14

For the 14th day, we cut some activities planned for Auckland and thought of visiting a few places in Coromandel, cause otherwise, we'd be driving all the way here for nothing.. first was this pottery place that has this small train.. it didn’t open until 10am so we went and got tickets first.. then we went and visit this ‘garden’ which the lady at the office said there’d be flowers.. tapi kalau dah pegi time autumn, ape je la bunga yg ade huhuhu sian mama, didn’t manage to see her garden.. then we went to their town, it was quite small, didn’t have much things there..

When it was time, we went to the train again.. it was said that the place was for pottery and the train was built to make it easier to get the clay down.. at one point, the train was open to public, and has been open ever since.. We went up to the eyeful tower (initially I heard it as Eiffel tower hehehe) the view was quite pretty from there.. forgot to mentioned that on the way to Coromandel the previous day, we say a fire in the middle of the forest.. and from the eyeful tower, we could still see the leftover smoke starting to clear up.. took some pics and rode the train back down.. 

then we made our way to Auckland.. next on the list was Mount Eden (mount la sgt kan) dh nk blk Malaysia baru terfikir nk bli Mcdonalds.. tp fries je la.. sorg satu large fries sedakneee.. took some cool pics on the way there, the view is so pretty..

Found Mount Eden and took some pics.. we forget to bring our tripod for this trip, padahal malam tu tido sebelah tu je, lupe nk pack.. so if u can see from pics2 before this, we attempted to take a family photo.. and the one we took here, was by far the most neat one (abaikan mama tutup mata, mata sepet je actually tu hehehe) looking at the crate, terasa nk slide je bawah tu.. but as fiq would say, nk panjat atas balik mmg seksa la hehehe after walking around, we drove to our hotel.. 

hahaha 3 pic with te same background

nailed it..

so... we found Salem there..  

We stayed in Auckland for 2 nights so got a more comfortable room.. and by comfortable, meaning izad n fiq dapat bilik hehehehe we rest a bit and decided to go out for dinner.. towards the end of our vacation, we tried to finish the food we have so the bags can be filled with souvenir.. That night we had kebabs.. adehh dosa nye mlm tu, I raised my voice a few times.. but it got very frustrated.. when u drive, it’s kind of hard to make a decision which way to go.. it’s much easier when someone who can read the map or sign decide which way to go and just give instruction.. so when they say gi je mane2, i did.. and it turns out I took a turn that lead us to a parking lot.. then kne marah huhuhuh but that’s what happen when u ask me to decide, I tried my bearings but couldn’t see pass my nose.. ate kebab which was so-so, xdelah sedap sgt, but managed to eat quite a lot.. 

Sepanjang dinner tu, sumer nye otak tgh berfikir.. everyone was calculating the total cost of our dinner cuz the guy charge us about $120 for 5 lamb kebab and 1 lamb kebab with rice, 2 coke and 1 tea.. sumer xpuas hati sbb it doesn’t add up.. last2 mama went and asked for a receipt and it turns out org tu salah kire.. but I don’t blame him la gak, kitorg order berterabur cuz maybe this one person xtunggu the rest utk order so the rest cam gelabah sket (we don’t like to keep other people waiting) huhuhuh then there was an incident again when we got to our hotel and I was parking the car huhuhuh it really wasn’t necessary but mmg that night my tahap kesabaran rendah je.. that night just watched tv till 1 am.. ngam2 csi episode that I really want to watch cuz I saw the ad once.. after that, went to to bed.. okies, good night..