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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Zealand - Day 11

Took some pics around the motel before we head to our next destination..

supporting Dyana (xtau spell) for her college project..

zoom sket sebab kitorg jakun hahahah

Next on the list was Greymouth.. not much planned.. besides the pancake rocks, I suggested to go to this treetop walk, since we had some time to kill.. Greymouth was about 2hours drive from Franz Josef so we didn’t rush that morning.. Sometimes I wonder what tourist who come to Malaysia think of our countries and attraction.. cuz somehow when I was at Perth and NZ, tempat2 dorg more on lebih khabar dari rupa hehehe in the website or pamphlet mcm syok, but when we got there it was like, hmmm this is it? Not that it’s that bad, it’s just not really what we expected..

The treetop for example, it was said to be some figure metres above the ground (basically should be tall la) and we can enjoy the view.. they even had this swirling tower for us to get higher.. when we got there, mama n papa wanted to rest at the café so I bought tickets for the 4 of us.. blom start at the tracks dah penat dah cuz we had to walk up this hill (just shows how unfit I am.. as a result, will be starting Shayloss in June hehehe).. and when we got there, the view wasn’t really breath taking as I would put it.. maybe cuz we’ve been seeing hills and mountains throughout our vacation, it didn’t impress us like the 1st time we saw it..

 the canopy at Kundasang lagi scary...


Anyway, went round the whole track and was done.. went through Hokitika and stopped for awhile to check out the town..

Next we went to the pancake rocks at Punaikaki.. we actually went pass our motel and decided to go there first cuz it was too early to check in.. for some reason, the pancake rocks that I had in mind (and izad as well) were like rocks stacking up on another and it was ‘naturally’ like that.. but it was nothing like what we thought.. did enjoy the view though.. the waves splashing on the rocks.. us berangan nk jadi Ariel and singing Part of that World.. sian papa had a stomach-ache at that time.. but we managed to go around with him again..

"how come i was not invited to eat? how come??" hahahah

again, mama was afraid to go to the edges hehehe good thing she can enjoy the view from there..

We went to New World and got some groceries.. yeah makan besar lagi hahaha papa bought 5 salmon fillet, mmg puas makan la.. Then drove to our motel and checked in.. the guy was very friendly and did told us about the routes we could take for tomorrow (since we told him we’ll be leaving early to Picton for the ferry).. he did mention that there was a point where we could see the sunset, so we planned to go there.. we rest for a while before heading back out.. we made it just in time to see the sunset.. one second I was driving and we could still see the sun, the next second, it was gone.. I drove to the end so that we could get a better spot and 3 seconds later it was just orange huhuhu we did manage to get pictures though.. the motel guy mentioned that the place was one of the worst river cross and told us to google Greymoth river cross.. a few fisherman died trying to get back to shore..

We went back to the motel, cook and had dinner.. yummy, even though makan nasi sehari sekali, tp that one time mkn tu pinggan penuh hehehe didn’t watch much tv that night sbb still had the flu, plus we had to wake up and leave the motel early the next day cuz we had to catch the ferry..